Company Will Pay You $3,500 to Review Cheese and Sample New Snacks

There’s the saying that if something sounds too good to be true it probably is, but fortunately, that is not always the case. For example, you can buy a house in Italy for $1 (as long as you’re willing to renovate it in 3 years), and you can also earn the equivalent of $5000 just for eating cheese.

Calling all cheese lovers: dream job alert! Whisps (you know, that company that makes the delicious cheese crisps) is looking for their first Cheese Executive Officer. The Whisps CEO wrote, “My whole life I’ve dreamed for a job that would pay me to eat cheese. So excited to pass along my dream to you. This will no doubt be a fun and delicious competition. Looking forward to seeing your applications and welcoming our new expert taster.”

The application process for this dream gig does not involve your typical resume and cover letter. Instead, applicants need to answer a few simple questions on an online form. Whisps wants to know what kind of cheese you would be (if you were a cheese) and why. They want to know more about your love for cheese and how it affects your life. They also want to know what makes you the perfect person for this job; what would you bring to the table?

Before you draft your answers to those questions, you might want to know what the job entails. First, you would need to be willing to happily eat a lot of cheese. Every month, you would get a shipment of Whisps Crisps, and every quarter, you would get a shipment of cheese from artisan cheesemakers. You would also receive a suggested itinerary to attend the cheese championship in 2022.

The Cheese Exec will also get to take part in monthly quality tests, brainstorm ideas for new products and evaluate new cheese flavors.

You do not need to be a cheese expert or a taste-testing expert in order to apply. Part of the job includes being trained by an artisan cheesemonger so you can learn to talk the cheese talk and learn how to correctly evaluate cheese. You would also get to attend virtual cheese-pairing classes.

The winner will receive a $1500 stipend plus an extra $2000 cash which is intended to pay for travel expenses to the cheese championships. You would also get all that cheese we mentioned plus free training and a lot of free cheese swag. That grand total value is approximately $5000.

Whisps is accepting applications from June 15, 2020, through July 25, 2020. The winner will be announced on July 25 which just so happens to be National Wine and Cheese Day. 

Are you going to apply to be the Cheese Executive Officer? If you were a cheese, what kind of cheese would you be?