You may think that a paper shredder is just for getting rid of those pesky pieces of junk mail, but this home necessity has more than one trick up its sleeve. This one hack in particular is something we’ve been dying to make at home and something that’s a very surprising use for your paper shredder – making homemade pasta. That’s right, you don’t need a fancy, expensive pasta maker to make your very own pasta at home! All you need is a paper shredder…if you think about it, it does the same kind of job as a pasta maker. Watch the tutorial below to see how this hack is done.

The most important step to using your paper shredder in this recipe? CLEANING YOUR PAPER SHREDDER. You can see why, right? Pasta tasting like ink and overdue bills…not so great. Don’t know how? Learn how to clean your shredder here.

First, you’ll want to stick your override. This chef does that with a really simple trick: a rolled up piece of tape. Stick that in your override so the machine will continue to shred constantly!

Then prop your shredder up somehow – he uses two cans – and put your rolled out dough through the shredder.

What will come out the other side is your very own, homemade pasta! And it was so darn simple. Don’t bother buying a pasta maker, not when you’ve got this quick little hack.