It is a sad but true fact of being a homeowner: your garage can turn into a graveyard of junk faster than you can say, “Where’s the rake?!” As unwanted things build and build (another sad fact of homeowner life), they tend to get banished to the garage. While there’s nothing wrong with using your garage as a storage unit, the downside quickly becomes how cluttered your garage will get. So cluttered, in fact, that finding everyday items will become an absolute chore. If your garage could use some serious reorganizing, check out some of our favorite tips below. Using a few of these organizational hacks, you can easily make your garage the most organized spot in your entire house.


1. Bungee Cords

7Designed To Dwell


This is way better than crates and totes. You can see every ball and reach between the cords to pull out just the one you need.


2. Magnetic Strip

2Better Homes and Gardens

Just like you with kitchen knives you can purchase some inexpensive magnetic strips and use them to organize drill bits or other metal objects you want within reach.

3. Old Tin Cans

3hi sugarplum

Put all those old coffee cans to good use.

4. Peg Boards


Pick up beg board at your local home improvement store for just a few bucks. There’s a ton of ways to creatively use peg board to solve organizational problems.

5. Plastic jars.

5Chez Larsson

Here’s a clever tutorial here. Showing you how to use them to store nails, screws, etc.

6. Use Plastic Divider Trays

6hi sugarplum

You can find these plastic divider trays for cheap at most home improvement stores.

7. Old PVC Pipe

8Ashbee Design

Check out this simple project here.

8. Storage Tubs

The Family Handyman

This is so simple two make just wood, screws, measuring tape. Tutorial here. 

9. Build a Simple Bike Rack

10Bike Forums

When not hung Bikes can take up a ton of storage in garages and sheds.  Create your own Bike rack for under $20 with items from Home Depot or Lowes.

10. Paper Towel Dispenser


Pure genius!

11. Wire Baskets

11House & Home

You can find the whiteboard in the racks & shelving section of most home improvement stores.

12. Corral Hard-to-Store Items

12Pretty Handy Girl

Blogger Pretty Handy Girl shows how simple this is to make.

13. DIY Tape Organizer Dispenser.

13Popular Woodworking

My new project for the weekend. Love the hacksaw blade right there to cut the tape with.

14. Labels

14A Bowl Full of Lemons

How many times have we looked through box after box wondering which one had the Christmas lights.

15. Bucket for Your Hose and Sprinkler

16Martha Stewart

Why did I never think of this!

16. Wheels.


Check out these handy cabinets on wheels for all your organizational needs.

17. Out of Sight, Out of Mind

18Wilker Do's

The best place for ladders is overhead. Here’s the tuorial here.

18. For Lighter Storage Items – Put them Overhead.


Find the tutorial here.

Have your used any tricks to get your garage organized? Share your tips in the comments section below.