When facing an emergency situation, it’s critical to have non-perishable foods on hand; as their name would imply, these foods have longer-than-average shelf lives and often don’t require anything to make them edible. The tricky thing is that non-perishable foods are, more often than not, served up in aluminum cans – and if you don’t have a can opener on hand, your reserve food is pointless.

Never fear! As it turns out, it is possible to open up cans without your trusty can opener. The Crazy Russian Hacker is here to prove it.

The Hacker and his friend might have gotten their inspiration for this hack from zombie apocalypse movies (which might not be the emergency situation you have in mind) but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have real-life applications! Whether you’re camping, can’t find your can opener, or are in the process of moving, there’s a way to get those cans open without any tools. Check it out and give it a try.


  • A can
  • Concrete


  1. Scrape the top of your can hard against your slab of concrete. You’ll start to notice that the edges holding the top on are starting to come up.
  2. Squeeze the can, hard, around the middle. The top will begin to pop off from the force.

Don’t think it can be that easy? Watch the Crazy Russian Hacker video below to see the hack in action.