You haven’t lived until you’ve had at least one online shopping fail. You comb through the choices to carefully make your final selection, pay, and then wait with anticipation for your package to arrive.

It could take days or weeks to come, but when you finally open it, instead of “Yes!”, it’s “What the __?” And you know that trying to return it would be futile, so you chalk it up as a lesson learned. Join the club.

These photos showcase others who have been in the same predicament – with hilariously disappointing results. Share in the misery and regret of these other internet shoppers who were duped into items that are beyond the point of returning. And heed the warnings of buying stuff online.

  1. A Magic Carpet

    That shrinks to fit into the palm of your hand.

  2. When Flowers Don’t Say Enough. . .

    fail lion flowersColleen Kane via Facebook

    Sad lions do.

  3. So Excited to Find a Crumb-Catching Board

    Where she can cut the world’s tiniest veggies and bread. This disappointed customer ordered a cutting board so small it can fit into her pocket.

  4. Hubby Got Mad

    When his wife ordered this trash can online.

  5. Perfect for a Night of Partying

    In a dollhouse!

  6. Just Couldn’t Resist this Deal

    The allure of free shipping will get you every time.

  7. Wedding Season Blues

    And hideous shades of green.

  8. Prom Time!

    Wonder how her date will coordinate.

  9. Fa La La La La

    La la la NOT.

  10. This Poor Teddy

    Deserves a proper burial. But first, someone needs to comfort the poor kid who’s having nightmares about this.

  11. Perfect For the Student in Your Life

    A pencil case for those with a profound love for grammar.

  12. When Excitement Boils Over

    Because the new Jordans got a cheeky redesign this year.

  13. When an XL Man’s Size Still isn’t Large Enough

    Remember kids, Spidey says to mind your circulation!

  14. This Stylish Purple Rug

    Is fit for an elf’s digs.

  15. Oooooh! It’s  Haute Couture . . .

    Inspired by bed sheets. Do you think this comes in other colors?


Some things are better left purchased in person – like special occasion dresses! Hey, we all like to avoid long lines. We all like to avoid unnecessary trips to the store only to find out our item is out of stock. Online shopping makes things convenient to browse and buy during lunch breaks, late nights, and holidays.

But these pics prove that sometimes it’s better keep your money in your digital wallet. It’s also a good idea to read the fine, fine, fine print on questionable items coming from questionable sellers, lest you wind up with an outfit that only Barbie’s baby sister could fit.

Which of these are the most infuriating or funny to you? How many times have you bought a dud from the internet? How would you describe your own bad online shopping experience?