Over time, towels get threadbare or ratty and are kicked out of the normal rotation. Our less than desirable towels often get demoted to the garage as car-wash towels or cut up as rags.

If in decent shape, some towels are donated. But you can find other ways to use them around the house that don’t involve turning them into washcloths. Repurpose hand towels, bath towels, or even beach towels into something totally new!

All you need is a little imagination and inspiration from these projects below. As you click through these and something catches your fancy, remember you can always put your own spin on things. Check out some of the clever ways old towels are being upcycled!

  1. Braided Bath Rug

    Towel Rug EditedHGTV Handmade

    Slice up some towels, then grab a needle and thread so you can make a pretty braided bath rug out of any colors you choose! Watch the how-to here.

  2. Flower Planter

    towel planterThe Rustic Willow

    Can you tell that this is made from an old towel? Make a lively, textured flower planter with cement and a towel of any size by following these directions from The Rustic Willow.

  3. Beach Blanket

    towel beach blanketMy Material Life

    Reserve your spot in the sand (or park lawn) with a large and in-charge beach mat. My Material Life shows us how it’s done.

  4. Changing Pad

    towel changing padSSL Sew Simple Designs

    When you have babies, there’s always a need for a clean changing pad. Always have some at the ready with this project by GMHN Quilts.

  5. Shaggy Bathmat

    towel rugTeam T Adventures

    Who doesn’t appreciate a good shag rug? Make it your own with this easy step-by-step from The Pursuit of Happiness.

  6. Reusable Roll O’ Towels

    towel unpaperBelle and Ivy

    Eco-friendly and decorative, this project has been taking the crafting world by storm. Called “unpaper” towels, you can make a reusable roll of towels for cleanup jobs! Check it out at Belle and Ivy.

  7. No-Sew Bolster Pillow

    towel bolster pillowsHeathered Nest

    Get cozied up with this soft and chic no-sew bolster pillow. One of the best things about this is you can swap out the covers whenever you feel like it! Follow along at The Heathered Nest.

  8. Pet Hammock

    towel hammockSettle Down Slinki

    Why? Because every cat (or toy pup) deserves to luxuriate in their own personal lounge. The folks at Settle Down Slinki hooked it up underneath a coffee table, but feel free to place this wherever you’d like!

  9. Bath Puppet

    towel bath puppetMichele Made Me

    This tutorial from Michele and Me is for a cute kids’ bath puppet (or two or three), but we’re sure you can adapt it into an adult version. Have fun!

  10. Spa Towel

    towel spa wrapHowDoesShe

    Create a hands-free spa towel to wear out of the shower or while at the pool. Notice the nifty button and loops on this design by How Does She.

  11. Kid’s Bathrobe

    towel bathrobeiCandy Handmade

    A beach towel was converted into a wearable terry kimono-style robe with a few cuts and stitches. No hem required! Have your kids rocking one just like this at iCandy Handmade.

  12. Swiffer Pads

    towel swifferNatural Nester

    Tired of buying refill pads for your Swiffer? Dust and mop away with your own homemade, reusable pads. Get the easy breezy details at Natural Nester!

  13. Potholders

    towel potholderPretty Prudent

    Keep your hands protected with these DIY oven mitts put together by Prudent Home. Fancify them with fabrics that pop and match your décor or give them as gifts!

See? Old towels are good for more than just cleaning up spills and doggie baths! Do you have any other suggestions for how to use old towels? Which of these DIY projects would you try?