23 Weird Inventions That Are Actually Incredibly Useful

High-tech devices like smartphones get a lot of attention for being creative, life-changing inventions. But when it comes down to it, some of the most useful things in our lives are simple. Instead of doing 10,000 things, like a smartphone, they meet one specific need, which just makes life easier.

To prove it, here are 23 crafty inventions you might not have heard of. Some of them are a little unusual, but they’re all surprisingly useful when you think about it!

  1. A Parking Structure with Wall Lines

    This makes perfect sense! With the parking spot lines marked on the wall, you can actually line your car up correctly.

  2. Band Aid Dispenser

    Honestly, I don’t know why these aren’t found in bathrooms everywhere.

  3. Toothpaste Tube Squeezer

    We’ve all thought that something like this would be useful. Turns out it actually exists!

  4. Pedal Power Station

    Want to charge your phone? Grab a seat, and pedal away! The pedal action generates the charge. Brilliant!

  5. Curtains with No Light Gap

    These are found in some hotels. What a great way to make sure you’re not disturbed by that little strip of sunlight when you’re trying to sleep in!

  6. Kids Train Car

    If you’ve ever been on a long train ride with cooped-up kids, you’ll understand the instant appeal of this invention.

  7. The Ironing Board Mirror

    Because after you spend all that time ironing, you have to know how you look.

  8. The Baby Stroller Scooter

    This way, you can push and ride at the same time!

  9. The Inflatable Car Bed

    This probably seems like a useless invention until you’re halfway through a road trip, it’s 3 am, and you need to get some sleep.

  10. A Vending Machine for Pets

    Perfect for those times when Fido’s been a good boy, but you’re out of his favorite snacks.

  11. Mirror Wiper

    For every time you step out of the shower and face a foggy bathroom mirror.

  12. Gulping Yolkfish Egg Separator

    Cute and useful!

  13. Hairy Stockings

    These seem truly bizarre until you realize how useful they’d be for keeping creeps away.

  14. Citrus Spritzer

    Pop it into a lemon, lime, or orange, and you’ve got instant flavor without all the trouble!

  15. Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

    If you’re bothered by a lunch thief, no more: one look at the (fake) mold, and they’ll go scavenging for someone else’s grub.

  16. Utensil Pens

    Perfect for when you have to mix business and lunch, right?

  17. The Longer Walk Sign

    This crosswalk has a normal “Walk” button, and another for those that might need a little more time. Super-courteous and safe!

  18. LED Slippers

    No longer will you lose your way — or stub your toe — shuffling around at night.

  19. A CPR Instruction Machine

    I’ve seen one of these in an airport: in case of an emergency, you start the video, and it guides you through how to give CPR, step-by-step. It could literally help save someone’s life!

  20. The Bar with an Ice Strip

    Keeps your drinks cool as well as upright.

  21. Lego Key Holder

    The key chain’s made of a Lego, and sticks right to a board on the wall. Way cooler than a key ring!

  22. Square Watermelon

    This is absolutely real — they grow inside square containers so they take this shape. Think how easy they must be to slice!

  23. The Full Body Umbrella

    It might seem over the top, but see who’s laughing next time you’re caught in a torrential downpour.


There you have it: 23 inventions that show just how creative people can get. Do you have any little-known gadgets that make your life easier? Ideas for the next great invention?


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