In order to enjoy life, we have to learn to set boundaries. While one person’s boundaries might be different than someone else’s, it’s important for our own sanity not to waste our time on trivial things.

What’s trivial to one person might be important to someone else, but we can probably all agree that there are some things that really aren’t worth our time. Reddit user Oliviai4 wanted to see hear about some examples, so she asked, “What just isn’t worth the effort?”

Scroll down to read 15 examples of things that people don’t think are worth the trouble. Maybe you’ll find some things that you can cut out of your life, but maybe some of these things seem worth it to you.

  1. Target Return

    Biff_Tannen82 wrote:

    I saw someone return a bag of Doritos to Target because they did not like them.

  2. Learn When to Say “No”

    syderadesert added:

    Being available for everyone all the time. It’s okay, they’ll figure it out without you! Take a nap

  3. A Career You Hate

    Written by Divergent_:

    Trying to push yourself through a career you hate

  4. Just Move On

    Reddit user mmss shared:

    Trying to win back the person who dumped you.

  5. Road Rage

    Written by twiforlife:

    Road rage.It’s not worth getting so upset that it ruins my day. I take a deep breath and just forget about it. Unless of course you cut me off and then honk at me for your own incompetence.

  6. Friends

    Another Reddit user wrote:

    Trying to be friends with everyone. Sometimes people just hate you for no reason and nothing you do will ever endear you to them.

  7. They Don’t Even Notice

    OninWar_ added:

    Trying to get the attention of someone who hardly acknowledges you

  8. They Won’t Get It Anyway

    Written by Mr_Drewski:

    Trying to explain “what happened” in relation to technology to non tech people….”what happened”, “shit broke, but it works now”.

  9. Online Apology

    laterdude shared:

    Making an analogy online.It will get picked apart.

  10. It Won’t Look Like New Forever

    _AlreadyTaken_ added:

    Trying to keep things in perfect condition. Wear and tear, dings and scratches are inevitable.

  11. Anger in a Store

    Added by twolost-souls:

    Yelling at retail employees because they are out of stock/things aren’t what you want to pay.

  12. Blow Outs

    Shared by tbw212:

    Washing a onesie your kid had an epic blow out in. Just throw that shit out. Kid won’t fit in it much longer anyways.

  13. Just Keep It Real

    Lizzizzme added:

    Trying to keep up appearances, especially in parenthood or marriage. If you’re having a tough time, or you aren’t as good at something as someone else, well, what’s so wrong with that?

  14. Too Much Work

    Another Reddit user wrote:

    Peeling a pomegranate.

  15. Too Much To Watch and Listen To

    Bokb3o wrote:

    Trying to “keep up.” Music, movies, books, TV shows, they’re all coming out at such a rapid pace it’s overwhelming! I’m still trying to catch up, much less keep up. I’ve realized that half the music I’ve been really digging lately is already 5-10 yrs. old, and let’s just ignore how old the films in my Netflix queue is…