Have you ever heard someone complain about something and wonder why they’re making such a big deal out of something so minor? We probably all have, but the problem is that what’s a big deal to one person is minor to someone else but not everyone else.

There are certain things in life that people in general complain about more than they probably should. Reddit user SayLittleDoMuch wanted to hear about some examples and posed the question, “What is not nearly as bad as people make it out to be?”

Scroll down for some great examples of things that really aren’t that bad when put in perspective.

  1. Say You’re Sorry

    Reddit user sunshinegunpowder wrote:

    Owning your mistakes. Not even the big ones, the smaller ones.

  2. Writing a Will

    dreamingrain explained:

    Writing a will. People are weird about thinking about their death or having conversations about what they should do. Have the conversation. I assure you, we all die, and dying intestate or without a personal directive makes it way more difficult for your family

  3. Introverts and Extroverts Probably Disagree Here

    cutetygr added:

    Spending time alone with yourself. You don’t always have to be around people, in fact it’s bad not to spend time alone

  4. Commitment

    BlackTheNerevar shared:

    Being in a long committed relationship.People always make it sound so black and white, a little communication can take you far.

  5. Jury Duty

    patchesthescaryclown added:

    Jury duty. It was actually quite interesting to get an inside look at being on a jury.

  6. Bad News

    Written by AthleticAffluentHung:

    Telling people something they don’t want to hear and not being apologetic about it.

  7. Kindness Counts

    djb2589 explained:

    Being nice to other people.

  8. Older and Wiser

    AndyVale added:

    Turning 30.For years it was made out to be some grim line in the sand, where all who cross it are forsaken… banished forever from the utopia of your 20s. When I got to 30, I was pleasantly surprised to be looking ahead at some years that looked pretty promising. With many less enjoyable aspects of my teens+twenties in the rear view mirror.

  9. More Fear Than Pain

    woodenman22 explained:

    Root canals.They’re not fun, but if go to someone who knows what they’re doing, there’s no real pain. The fear leading up to it was much worse than anything that actually happened.

  10. Don’t Look at the Needle

    ilikepenguinsyo wrote:

    Getting a vaccine. People overthink/overreact the needle pain which is never as bad as the sting.

  11. This Is Timely

    SalsInvisibleCock added:

    Staying home. I really like being at home, I feel bad for those who find it a hardship or boring.

  12. High-Functioning Autism

    MysticAviator wrote:

    Autism. Sure there are people with low-function autism but many people with autism (me, for example) look perfectly normal on the outside, aside from some social awkwardness. Also Asperger’s, which I have and is on the Autism spectrum, isn’t a 100% illness. It’s more of a tradeoff; people see the social awkwardness and the difficulty grasping “grey areas” as opposed to black and white thinking as a bad thing but what we lack in those areas is more than made up for academically. I’m really good with math and science and am pursuing a degree in aerospace engineering since that’s what I’m really good at.

  13. It’s Over

    Tiberius-the-Cuddler explained:

    Being dumped by textSure it’s lazier than saying it to my face, but I’ve been broken up with three times by text, and it’s not nice, but not worthy of drama queen screaming

  14. Is That True?

    haasl26 added:

    Telling the truth. It feels so good to have a clear conscience in every situation.

  15. It’s Essential

    MegMeggMegg added:

    Changing a baby’s diaper. Really, you just kind of do it and get used to it. No big deal.