These No-Sew Sock Bunnies are a Quick and Easy Craft to Make This Easter

While for most people I knew growing up Easter meant lots of candy, for me it always meant finding a little stuffed animal in that basket Sunday morning. I’d love to pass on that tradition to my own children, and of course I want to do so as frugally and creatively as possible. Enter: sock bunnies!

This craft from Handimania is not only super-adorable, it’s easy-to-make, no-sew, AND makes use of all those orphaned socks we never know what to do with. It’s so fun to watch how they transform into a cuddly creature— almost as fun as it is to try this craft ourselves!

These Sock Bunnies are also a great idea for a kid-friendly Easter craft! To make them with your family, check out Handimania’s demonstration below, and keep reading for our breakdown of the step-by-step instructions.

No-Sew Sock Bunnies


  • Sock(s)
  • Rice (or grit, if you prefer)
  • Large circular tape tube (optional)
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Black marker


  1. Fill the toe and foot of the sock with rice (or grit, if using), up to the beginning of the heel. If you like, you can – as Handimania recommends – slip the sock through the middle of a large circular tape tube and over the edges of the tube to stabilize the sock and hold it open. Fill the sock with enough rice so that it can stand up on its own, and makes a nice, fat bunny.
  2. Once you’ve finished adding the rice, remove the sock from the tape tube. Hold the sock by the heel, and gently shake and form it into as even a cylinder as you can, making sure all of the rice falls to the foot of the sock.
  3. Pinch off the rice ball in the upper-middle, forming the head and body of the rabbit.
  4. Using twine, tie off the top heel of the sock directly above the rice, forming the bunny’s ears. Tie the sock off again where you have pinched it to form the head and body.
  5. Fluff and adjust the sock as necessary.
  6. Starting at the open top and ending at the first ear-making tie-off, cut the heel in half to form the bunny’s two ears. Continue to carefully cut, snip and trim away the extra fabric to form two even, oval bunny ears.
  7. Tie the ribbon in a bow around the second twine tie-off, at the bunny’s “neck” between the head and body. It should look like your bunny is wearing a snazzy, adorable bow tie!
  8. Use the marker to draw a face on the bunny’s head. All you need to do is make two little dots for the eyes, and a little “X” for the mouth!

And that’s it! How adorable are these little Sock Bunnies? We love that it only requires a little bit of shaping, tying, and cutting— no patterns or needle-and-thread required!

Of course, it’s easier to understand these steps when you have a demonstration, so thank goodness Handimania has a video tutorial for us. Give it a watch, then head over to their site for some additional tips and tricks that will guarantee these bunnies are extra cute for Easter.

What do you think of these sock bunnies? Will you give them a try with your kids? Have you ever made anything similar? Share your own favorite Easter no-sew projects, and take some pictures if you try this one yourself!