Pregnancy is always an exciting time for parents. Each doctor’s visit reveals new information like the baby’s gender, and sometimes parents even get to see their baby via ultrasound.

There are always a lot of questions about the new baby that can’t be answered until the baby is born. One example is skin color, eye color, nose shape, etc. While parents can assume that the baby will look a little bit like they do, you never know exactly until after birth.

Stacey lives in Nigeria, and last year, she was pregnant with identical twins. Although there was no way for her to know exactly what the babies would look like, she assumed they would look alike. When she delivered the babies via cesarean, the doctors were surprised to see that the babies were far from identical. In fact, there is no way the parents would ever be able to mix them up.

Baby Daniel was born first. He had black hair and dark brown skin, just like this parents. There was no surprise there. Then, baby David was born. David has very pale skin and his hair is a golden color. 


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Yes, the twins really are biologically identical, but David has albinism, a rare genetic disorder where the body fails to produce melanin. Some people with this condition have white hair, light eyes and very pale skin. Other people produce a little bit of melanin, but they still have light skin, hair and eyes, like David.

Some people with albinism also have other medical problems, such as vision impairment, but Stacey is happy to report that David is perfectly healthy.

Stacey started an Instagram account for her twin boys to share their story with the world. They are only 1 year old, and they already have over 24,000 followers.

Skin tone and hair color aren’t the only differences between these twins. Stacey told Bored Panda, “Daniel is more expressive while David is an observer. Both of them are highly inquisitive. Daniel is a foodie while David is quite picky; Daniel is extremely playful while David chooses moments; Daniel always likes to play the bigger brother role; they are both energetic.”

Did you know that identical twins could look this different?