If you’ve ever been pregnant, then you’ve surely been inundated with a bunch of repeat questions: “How are you feeling?” “What are you craving?” “Do you want a boy or a girl?” When it comes to the last one, there’s a proper response that every expectant mom knows she’s supposed to say: “I don’t care about the gender, I just care that he or she is healthy.”

It’s a canned, very politically correct answer, but it’s never REALLY honest, right? The way we see it, even if 51% of you is hoping for a girl and 49% is gunning for a boy, then you still have an opinion on the matter. That’s why we find it to be so refreshing when we hear parents say that they prefer either a boy or a girl—hey, a little honesty never hurt anybody!

Take the case of the Guiley’s, for instance. Pregnant Kim, her husband Travis, and their 2-year-old daughter were convinced that they were going to be making room for a little baby girl. In fact, the three were so strong in their convictions that they didn’t even bother to confirm the sex with doctors prior to giving birth.

In an interview with TODAY, Kim explains her reasoning for going ahead with the pregnancy without knowing this crucial piece of information. You see, in 2015, the 28-year-old mom suffered a miscarriage. It was a harrowing moment that made her think twice about focusing on the sex of the baby.

Because of this, she wasn’t dead set on having a boy or girl, but she does admit that both she and her mate were secretly hoping for a boy before they convinced themselves that they were absolutely going to have another daughter.

So, why was this family swayed into believing that Kim was carrying a girl, you may ask? The mom describes their thoughts as being “silly reasons,” which included old wives’ tales, like girls causing morning sickness. “I kind of talked myself into it,” Kim says. “I guess it’s the power of persuasion!”

Well, we are sure that you’ve gotten the drift of things by now—Kim did NOT end up having a girl…

Guiley family after Theo's birthSusannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling via TODAY

After giving birth to her newborn at home, Kim looked between the baby’s legs, and both she and her husband had the reaction of a lifetime! “I mean, you saw the look on my face—you can’t make up that look. It was very surprising, and I didn’t realize how much I was hoping for a boy until that moment,” the mom of two gushes.

Talk about a shock! To meet baby boy Theo and his family, be sure to watch Inside Edition’s video below. Something tells us this little man’s parents are going to love telling him this story when he gets older.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this very special birth! Were you expecting a boy or girl, but gave birth to the opposite? Did you have a home birth? If so, did you enjoy the experience?