Sometimes, it’s easy to look at a man and assume that he’s probably thinking about brawly things, like beers and cars. Or maybe you think he probably relies on his wife for everything because men can’t parent. Or maybe you think he needs help with cooking or cleaning because, well, he’s a man.

There are a lot of stereotypes about males, and here’s a fact: Some of them actually drive men nuts! Like a lot of stereotypes, many are far from the truth, and these men surely have something to say about them

In a recent Reddit thread, men of all ages sounded off about the myths about males that infuriate them. Here are the top responses:

  1. That They Have to Be Strong and Brave All the Time

    “I love being the little spoon in bed with my SO. Nothing makes me feel safer and calmer than having her wrap her arms around me and cuddle in.”

  2. The ‘Macho Man’ Thing

    “This whole ‘be a man’ schtick that leads guys to internalize their problems and marinate in their own issues and neglect their mental health drives me nuts. It took me a long time to find female friends just so I’d feel comfortable talking about my depression and get advice on how to get the help I need. If I did not, I would without a doubt be dead right now.”

  3. That Everything is About Getting Into Bed

    “That we only tell women our feelings to coerce them into bed. Like, “Wow, how new and amazing this relationship is…I’m so glad I found you.’ That is uncomfortable vulnerability not some sort of plot.”

  4. That They Just “Babysit”

    “I hate when I hear from someone when I have my kids and my wife is working that I’m “babysitting.” It drives me insane. I don’t babysit. I’m raising my kids, I’m not a volunteer or a hired hand. Ugh.”

  5. That They Can’t Multitask

    “Every time I hear that I have to stop what I am doing so I can get angry.”

  6. That They’re Not Interested in Planning Their Wedding

    “I cannot tell you how many comments like ‘remember, it’s her day, not yours!’ I received during the 2-year lead-up to our wedding. I’m not going to lie to you and say I’d been looking forward to getting married since I was 12 or something but I took an active interest together with my wife in the planning of our wedding. “It’s not my day, it’s hers?” It was our day. We planned it together.”

  7. That They Can’t Parent As Well As Women

    “I mean I changed thousands of diapers and it never bothered me once. I was perfectly capable of dressing my kids. I know how to open a jar of baby food. I wash and hang my kids school uniforms. I’m not looking for a prize but I’m also not looking to be treated like I’m an idiot.”

  8. That They Don’t Do Anything Around the House

    “My girlfriend of almost 9 years made a ‘joke’ like this in front of her friends after we started living together. The first time I let it slide, because I wasn’t sure what she meant. I asked in private, and she didn’t know…she just said it. The second time I stopped and said: ‘who’s the one that goes grocery shopping for healthy meal preps that you end up wasting? Who does 90% of the cooking? When was the last time you cleaned the counter, let alone the toilet?’ She’s never brought it up since.”

  9. That They Only Drink Beer and Whisky

    “I really hate how fruity drinks are associated with women, like damn can I just enjoy my strawberry daiquiri?”

  10. That They Don’t Understand Signs

    “That we miss signs that women give them because they are stupid. We see them, but we don’t want to be creepy/jump to conclusions, or we’re not interested.”

  11. Big Feet Just Means Big Feet

    “Me having big feet only means that I wear big shoes. And seriously, what makes girls think they can just come up to you and ask about it?”

  12. Abusing Can Happen The Other Way Around

    “[I hate the stereotype] that men can’t be abused by woman.”

  13. That They Rely On Their Spouse For Everything

    “Not sure if it counts as a ‘myth’ but most TV portrayals; the guy’s a dumbass and depends on his wife for literally everything. It’s annoying and played out. I don’t know anyone close to my age that lives like that.”

  14. That They Can’t Communicate Well

    “Really depends on the man, and the woman!”

  15. That They Have No Fears At All

    “After a great deal of asking every one from police, to self defense instructors, to a green beret and a bunch of combat vets, to the most cracked out gun nuts. Not met a single person who had no fear.”

Have you ever assumed any of these things about a male before?