We all have our fair share of embarrassing moments. And, unfortunately, sometimes they can make us look rather creepy, even if that wasn’t the intent.

Don’t worry, if you have one of these stories burned in your brain, you’re not alone. In a recent Reddit thread, people admitted to some of the creepiest (and hilarious!) embarrassing moments. Here are our top favorites:

  1. Twisting a Stranger’s Leg Hair

    “This was probably fifth grade. I was riding home on the bus, in the middle seat with my friend at the window and another kid to my right. I reach down and start playing with my new-found leg hair, twisting it for a couple minutes while daydreaming. I clearly remember thinking how weird it was that I couldn’t feel myself twisting the hair. I looked down, and it still took me a few long seconds of watching my fingers twist hair on a leg…that clearly wasn’t attached to me. I instantly looked up and straight ahead, but in my peripheral vision I could see the mortified look on the kid’s face next to me. No words were shared, only terror. It was traumatic and strange enough that I bet that kid still remembers it.”

  2. Playing a Coworker’s Video Where He Could Hear it

    “I was stalking a guy I work with on Facebook while I was at work. We’re not Friends, but his profile is open. He posted a video on his wall and a couple minutes later, I clicked on it.I didn’t realize my speakers were on and since his desk is near mine, he heard the video playing. Now he knows what a giant creep I am.”

  3. Sending a Text to the Wrong Person

    “I took a screenshot of a conversation with a guy I hadn’t talked to in a while and meant to send it to a friend to show that I was talking to him again. I sent it to the guy.”

  4. A Bad Halloween Costume

    “I was handing out candy to the neighborhood kids and was wearing my friend’s iPod costume. The iPod controls are riiiiiight in my genital region. The kids kept wanting to press play. It took me some time to realize why their parents were giving me dirty looks. I felt like a pervert.”

  5. Accidentally Smelling the Teacher

    “In 3rd grade we had story time where we sat on the floor and the teacher sat in a chair and read to us. I was goofing off in the back of the class so my teacher made me sit in the front row. I sarcastically sat as close to her as possible. After a minute she looked down and asked “Are you smelling my leg?” I definitely was not, but she wouldn’t let me explain. At the next parent teacher conference she told my mom that I was smelling her leg. I AM NOT A LEG SMELLER!”

  6. Caught Staring

    “When I was 10 I was at my friend’s house. His mom had just had another kid so there was a breast pump box on the counter. Being 10, a picture of a partially exposed breast was magical and titillating, and I must have been staring. Enter my friend’s dad, who puts on a grin and goes, ‘Are you staring at the lady on the box’s boobie?’”

  7. Like, Really Staring

    “I was half zoned out idly chatting with a female classmate when she started fiddling with a cleavage-level button on her shirt (blouse?). Naturally, my eyes are drawn to the motion of her hands and rest on that spot, but I’m still lost deep into space. Maybe a minute later I snap out of it and realize I was staring at her cleavage point blank and she must have been too embarrassed to call me out.”

  8. And Staring Some More

    “Freshman year of college, public speaking class. The professor decides to videotape everyone’s speech so we could all see how we looked when speaking, except that the professor decided to let people move their desks to form a circle with the person talking in the middle. Because of how the professor set up the tripod, I was directly in the camcorder’s line of sight. And of course the camcorder caught me staring at the as** of every girl who was speaking in front of me, complete with one raised eyebrow and a slight grin while staring. Plus I was caught trying to stifle some major laughter when a fat guy went up there talking about natural gas.”

  9. Taco ‘Bout a Stalker

    “Got a little buzzed and was chatting this girl up on Facebook. We started talking tacos so obviously I decided to hop on my bicycle and pedal my way to the taco bell. I loaded my jacket pockets up with tacos, biked to her apartment, called her and said “Hey I’m outside your place!” She was like, “liar, you don’t know where I live.” I responded, “… Uh… Wait are you sure?” Then she peeked out the curtains to see me on the sidewalk with a jacket full of tacos.”

  10. A Failed “Coat Cocoon”

    “In high school when i was in 9th grade i had a study hall where i sat next to a relatively attractive girl. One day i decided to take a nap with my coat over my head, except i made a peephole for my eye so i could look at the girl sitting next to me. I thought the hole was small enough, but after about 20 seconds of looking, the girl makes eye contact with me and shyingly looked back down at her work. I stayed in my coat cocoon until the end of the period. She also didn’t move from sitting next to me.”

  11. But Sometimes, Creepiness Brings People Together

    “I used to go to a Chinese restaurant located in the middle of a food court every day on the way to/from work; a beautiful girl worked there and I would always glance to see if she was working or not before going over to order. One day I was peering around the corner, I couldn’t see her so I turned around to leave and she was standing right behind looking at me like I was a serial killer. I locked up then blurted out that she was cute and asked for her phone number. She denied it and walked away, I thought I ruined it. A week later, she tracks me down on Google+, she memorized my name from my debit card and was really shy I guess, now we’re dating. I don’t know who’s creepier but it was a relief to know I wasn’t alone.”

If you dare to share, what’s your most embarrassing moment that makes you seem like a creep?