Kris Monsour has always wanted to be a mom. However, her anatomy had other plans. She unfortunately suffered from multiple miscarriages when trying to conceive a child. And at 41, after her latest miscarriage, a doctor told her to “accept her fate” that she’d never be able to bear a child.

Of course, that can really hurt for someone who wants to be a mom that badly. So after a long journey, years later after she heard the wrenching news, at the age of 49, Monsour adopted her daughter Ainsley.

Two years later, at 51, she posted a video on TikTok account @thevintageparents sharing her story. The video racked up over 9.4 million likes, but the majority of people actually had some pretty rude things to say to Monsour. Because of her age, people thought that she really should have “accepted her fate” and not have ever had a child.

The sad truth is that older mothers get a lot of flack in the media world. People believe that if you’re above a certain age, you shouldn’t have kids. After all, you’ll be *super* old when the kid graduates from high school, gets married and has babies of their own.

You can view the view below.

@thevintageparents However motherhood comes to you, it’s a miracle. #thevintageparents #adoptionstory #miscarriage #thevintagemom #whatalie #miscarriages ♬ What a time by Niall Horan and Julia Michaels – ana.tpwk

People on TikTok were brutal. “Maybe adoption would have been better, she’s gonna lose you early,” someone wrote.

“It sucks to have old parents,” someone else commented. “My parents had me at 50 and now they’re 75 and too old to grandparent. You’re selfish.”

“At that age I would have never even tried it’s so unfair to the child,” another retorted.

“That’s disgusting and selfish,” someone else blatantly told her. “You literally risk f*cking up your child’s life like that.”

However, many people stuck up for her as well.

“No amount of time is promised between any parent and child. However being the best parent you can be while on this earth is all that matters,” someone wrote.

“I bet you’re an amazing mama,” another person encouraged her.

“Motherhood at any age is beautiful,” someone else said. “Congrats mama, she is beautiful!”

“I can’t believe how wanting a child makes you a bad mother ,” another said, referring to the comments in the thread. “[For people who say’ ”lose you early” people die every day at any age at any time.”

Do you think that adoption should be limited based on your age, or that it shouldn’t matter what age motherhood begins?