Over the years, we’ve given you plenty of reasons to love Command strips— you know, those handy plastic hooks that save you from having to make a hole in your wall just to hang a picture? Yep, we love them, too! They’re versatile, cheap, super durable and they come with a veritable “secret menu” of ways in which you can use them. Pretty cool, right?

But, creative uses of Command hooks aside, we’ve noticed that not everyone is applying them to the best of their abilities. In fact, some are even causing DAMAGE to their homes just because they decided to skip key steps. How shameful!

Now, are you sure that you aren’t part of this group? Like, really sure? Better read through these 7 Command hook tips first, just to be sure…

  1. You don’t properly prep your surfaces

    It may be tempting just to stick that Command hook on the wall and call it a day, but you could be risking the life of the product if you do! So, instead of hurrying, simply wipe the surface off with a few swipes of rubbing alcohol, THEN add the adhesive once the surface is dry. Easy-peasy!

  2. You don’t take texture into account

    According to Command’s site, outdoor hooks are suitable for painted, stained or varnished wood, glass, tile, painted cinder block, plaster, metal, and painted wallboard— but everything else? Not so much. So, if your surface is cement board, brick, or rough wood, you should definitely look into stronger adhesive options.

  3. You are impatient

    What’s the biggest mistake that people make in regards to Command hooks? They don’t wait the requisite hour for the adhesive to dry before placing the desired object on the hook. Sure, you could always chance it, but your impatience could contribute to a fallen object or even paint damage. Definitely not worth it, if you ask us!

  4. You use the hooks in your car

    There are plenty of tips on the Internet urging people to stick Command hooks in their car for some sleek organization options, but the company strongly suggests against it. This is because the adhesive strips are only designed to withstand a maximum of 125 degrees Fahrenheit, a temperature that the inside of your car can easily reach during the summertime. Good to know!

  5. You push the weight limits

    Though Command hooks do a smashing job of handling a variety of weight limits, it’s important to note that the ratings vary depending on the size of the hook. So, the next time you plan on using one as a hanger, be sure to double-check to make sure that your object won’t over-stress the adhesive!

  6. You ignore the removal instructions

    This should never happen to you, folks! We don’t know exactly what the owner of this wall did to damage it, but we’re willing to bet that they pulled TOWARDS them, instead of DOWN. It’s a common mistake that you shouldn’t be making!

  7. You don’t give the hooks an opportunity to shine

    As we’ve mentioned already, Command hooks are super-duper versatile, which means they do a whole lot more than just act as picture hangers. Check out these hacks to learn more!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on all things Command hooks! Are you guilty of misusing yours? Do you have any Command hook hacks you would like to share? Is there a similar product that you prefer?

Source: 3M