Mel Brooks and His Son Team Up to Explain Why You Should Stay At Home Right Now

Remember a couple months ago when we were just hearing about the coronavirus for the very first time? Remember when we heard about the very first confirmed case in the United States? 

Originally we thought the coronavirus didn’t spread from person to person. Boy were we wrong. It turns out that it actually spreads really easily from person to person, so we’ve all become pros at washing our hands. In fact, we’ve become pros at moisturizing our hands too due to all that hand washing.

Life as we used to know it has quickly changed. Some states and counties have taken drastic measures to try to slow down and prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. Many stores have closed. Social distancing is the cool thing to do, and everyone is being encouraged to stay home.

Many people still might be wondering what the big deal is. We’ve heard that if you’re young and healthy you’re probably going to be okay if you get the coronavirus, so it can be hard for people who are young and healthy to understand why they should practice social distancing and stay home.

Mel Brooks and his son, Max Brooks, recently got together and used their creativity and talent to help people during this pandemic. They filmed a hilarious and easy-to-understand PSA that explains exactly why social distancing is so very important right now.

In the video, Max is standing outside his dad’s house, and then his dad walks over. At first, it looks like they are standing right next to each other and not practicing social distancing, but this is not the case. Mel is actually standing inside his house while Max is standing outside. There is a glass door separating the father and son.

Max starts by explaining that he would probably be okay if he got the coronavirus since he’s only 47 years old, but then he explains would could happen if he didn’t social distance himself from his dad. While the PSA is funny, it is also to the point.

Watch the PSA below.

This PSA tweet has already been retweeted more than 193,000 times. Hopefully the message is hitting home for the people who watch it.

What do you think of this PSA? Did it help you understand why staying home is so important? Are you practicing social distancing and staying home whenever possible?