Meghan Markle is full of surprises and helpful tips and tricks. The actress turned Duchess turned producer for Netflix is no stranger to the spotlight, but it’s seems like we’re constantly learning new things about her that make us wonder if there’s anything she doesn’t know how to do better than we were doing it.

For example, did you know that Meghan wears her shoes one size too big on purpose? She does, and it turns out that she’s not the only celebrity to do so.

Meghan is very influential when it comes to fashion, but she knows more than how to dress well. She also knows how to snag a Prince.

If you’ve ever heard the expression that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” there may be something to that. Meghan definitely knows her way around the kitchen, and in her pre-Duchess years, she used to post about her cooking wins on Instagram and on her blog The Tig. She even shared that she made roast chicken for Prince Harry the night he proposed.

Meghan can make much more than chicken. She is also a fan of pizza, pasta and dessert. We can relate. You can check out some of her favorite recipes here, but we’re currently loving her not-so-secret-anymore recipe for pasta sauce.

If you’re looking for a vegetarian pasta sauce, Meghan’s recipe is a winner. It’s not complicated to make, but it does take patients. She lets the ingredients cook for 4 whole hours in order to achieve pasta perfection. Chop some zucchini and onions, grab a bullion cube and a big pot. Then watch the video below to learn how to make Meghan Markle’s recipe for Zucchini Bolognese.

This definitely looks like one of the most delicious recipes for zucchini that we’ve ever seen. The reveal of the sauce after 4 hours of cooking is simply magic. Who knew zucchini and onions could look so creamy? Meghan Markle.

Are you going to try this pasta sauce recipe? What’s your favorite way to cook pasta?