When you want something warm, simple and satisfying, you can’t go wrong with a great meatball sub. That combination of meat, marinara and melted cheese is enough to make even the pickiest eaters happy, so of course we had to find away to turn it into a dish that can feed the entire family. The answer? This Meatball Sub Bubble Bake! It’s everything you know and love about meatball subs, turned into something simple and special. You might even end up with leftovers! Watch and learn how it’s made.

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Serves 6 to 8
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 45 minutes

You’ll Need
– 1 can refrigerated biscuits
– 1 – 20-ounce bag frozen meatballs
– 2 cups marinara sauce, divided
– 1-½ cups shredded mozzarella

How To

  1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit (190 degrees Celsius). Grease a 9-inch-by-13-inch baking dish.
  2. Cut the raw biscuits into eighths and place the pieces in the prepared baking dish. Cover with 1-½ cups of the marinara sauce.
  3. Nestle the meatballs in between the biscuits. Cover it all with the remaining ½ cup of marinara sauce and sprinkle with the cheese.
  4. Bake, uncovered, for 30 to 40 minutes, until the biscuits are cooked and the cheese has melted and started to brown. Sprinkle with chopped parsley and serve.

How easy is that?! What a great way to turn meatball subs into a simple, crowd-pleasing family dinner. Do you love meatball subs? Have you ever had a bake like this one before?

Recipe inspired by Life With The Crust