McDonald’s has already given us something to get excited about: 3 new bakery items on the McCafe bakery menu. (Read about how you can try them for free here.) Now, there’s even more good news. Make that great news.

The McRib is coming back!

The McRib has been a fan favorite since it first hit restaurant menus in the early 1980s. The popularity of the always-limited-time sandwich has only gotten stronger over the years.

The McRib is basically a pork patty that is shaped to look like a rack of ribs. It is smothered in BBQ sauce, topped with pickles and onions and served on a hoagie bun.

If you haven’t tried you, you really should add it to your to do list because it will be available at every single McDonald’s location in the United States starting December 2nd! The McRib just might save 2020! Watch the video below to see what you’ve been missing.


The return of the McRib is big news because it is usually only available at select locations. Considering it is also only available about once a year, this limited availability can cause long lines at the locations where it becomes available.

Long lines are a huge no-no in the time of a pandemic. Perhaps that’s one reason McDonald’s has made the decision to make the McRib easier to find. The McRib has not been available at every single McDonald’s location in almost a whole decade!

McDonald’s hinted at the return of the McRib earlier this week on Twitter.

Earlier today, McDonald’s made the news official.

The news of the return of the McRib has motivated Twitter users who live in other countries to ask what it would take to bring the fan favorite to other countries like Canada and the United Kingdom.

Other Twitter users are just excited for some good news during a very difficult year.

Are you a fan of the McRib? Are you going to order the McRib when it comes back to a McDonald’s near you?