You know the drill—you’re finally drifting off into the REM cycle and suddenly you’re bolted awake by a knock on your bedroom door. “Mommy, Daddy, can I sleep in your bed?” you hear.

Now, you’ve read the parenting books. You’ve read those articles online. You’ve heard Dr. Phil say it: Don’t let your kid sleep in your bed. But at this point, you’re exhausted and you just need to get your sleep. And you know that if you send your kid away, they’re probably just going to throw a tantrum and wind up knocking on your door every hour on the hour until you wake up a grumpy mess.

So instead of telling them to go back to sleep, you invite them to come sleep in your bed. But the problems escalate from there—while they snooze off in five seconds flat, you’re now wide awake. There’s an arm in your face. Suddenly, the kid flips over and kicks you in the knee. The sleep breath is terrible. Everything is just way too close for comfort.

Low and behold, you still wake up a grumpy mess after a night with your spouse and kid in bed. You tell yourself that this can never happen again, but night after night, you find yourself getting terrible sleeps because your bed is way overcrowded. Even a king bed can feel tiny in this situation.

If this sounds like you, then fear not. There’s a solution, and it’s pretty awesome. Introducing the Ace Collection of giant mattresses. That’s right, beds (and bedding to fit) made for co-sleeping families (or, you know, giants).

The giant beds come in three different sizes: Ace, Ace Player, and Ace Family Size. Ace and Ace Player are pretty similar, but have different layouts. Ace comes in dimensions of 108″ W x 80″ L and Ace Player falls at 80″ W x 108″ L. Ace Player works for those who like longer beds, and Ace is better for those who prefer wider beds.

If you have multiple little ones who like to sneak into your bed at night, then you might need the big kahuna of Ace mattresses—the Ace Family, which is144″ W x 80″ L.

They certainly sound appealing—until you see the price tag. The mattresses range from $2,000 to $4,000, but honestly? When you compare that to the price of your standard mattress, it really isn’t too bad. Plus, just think about how much sleep you’re going to get—and how wide you’ll be able to stretch out!

One tip: Definitely measure your room before purchasing one of these. Hopefully you won’t have to take down a wall or anything to fit it in your bedroom!

These family-size mattresses are also great for just having a nice family night with popcorn and a good movie, or sleepovers for the older kids, if they want to have friends stay over. They’re truly versatile—and awesome!

To learn more about these gigantic mattresses, check out the video below.

Do you struggle with your kids wanting to sleep in your bed? Would you ever purchase one of these giant mattresses?

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