We love the summer time, but man can our grass grow fast. You know the drill: You finally had the time to actually mow the front lawn, and you feel pretty good about it. But low and behold, a few days later it looks like no one is even living at your house. The weeds are sprouting out of control, the dandelions are everywhere, and you just don’t have the time to spend hours mowing it again! Ugh.

And honestly, some of us don’t even have a lawn mower, or know anything about them. There are so many different kinds, and if you know nothing about cutting grass (uh, hi), you might be in for some trouble.

If you want to buy one, you have to consider what kind of yard you have—is it hilly? Rocky? Do you have flower beds or fences or lots of trees? There’s so much to consider, not to even mention the brand, price, and type of mower you’re looking at.

So whether you’re a noob or just our of time, at this point, you’ve probably thought about hiring a professional to just take over and mow your lawn for you. But while it sounds like nothing would be better than to have a team of mowers show up at your house every time the grass got long, not everyone can afford to shell out a bunch of money on that a week.

The average lawn mowing prices range can cost you anywhere between $30 to $80 a week (depending how big your lawn is) and sometimes even more than that. There has to be a better way.

Well, luckily, there is. One man recently discovered a way you can cut your lawn in half the time it usually takes—and you can save money doing it. Sign us up!

One caveat: This hack does require you to have a ride-on mower, which can be expensive. So this hack really works the best if you fall in the category of you already mow the lawn but don’t have a ton of time or patience anymore.

The trick entails creating a pull rack with two extra inexpensive push mowers situated to the ride-on mower. This gives the rider a ton of extra mowing ability—for the man in the video below, 98 inches of cut from one side to the other. So the time it usually takes him to mow the law is literally cut in half using this method!

And, as a bonus, each of the smaller mowers attached to the larger one only use one tank of gas per cut, so it’s a huge money saver too. And anything we can save money and time on, we want to be a part of!

To check out the hack in action, check out the video below—and prepared to be amazed!

Are you responsible for mowing the lawn at home? What do you think of this lawn-mowing hack? Would you ever try something like this? Do you have any tricks up your sleeve for mowing the grass inexpensively and in a short amount of time?