There are some fashion trends that we don’t understood. Like, why would someone want to wear asymmetrical jeans? And why would someone want a face mask built into a bodysuit?

Another fashion trend that has always baffled us is shoes with white soles. We’re not saying that we have anything against the look. White soles on shoes look amazing. What we’re saying is that it doesn’t seem practical. 

We walk around on our shoes all day, stepping in dirt and sometimes puddles. We try to keep our shoes clean, but they always end up dirty. Who had the bright idea to make the part of the shoe that is most likely to get dirty bright white?

Don’t even get us started on how dirty our kids get their shoes. White soles end up gray or brown by the end of the day.

Thankfully, we have learned a very easy way to keep the white soles on our shoes impossibly white. We can even use this hack to keep our kids’ shoes looking white and new. That means we our feet can look stylish, and we don’t have to worry if we accidentally step in mud.

All you need to remove dirt and stains from the white soles of your shoes is nail polish remover. It turns out that rubbing nail polish remover on the white soles of your shoes almost instantly removes the stains and returns the soles to their original color – bright white. Watch the video below to see this magic for yourself.

This is a super easy and effective hack, but the good news continues. Nail polish remover can be used to clean more than just your shoes. You can also use fingernail polish remover to get your patent leather shoes looking shiny, remove paint from windows, sanitize your makeup brushes, and remove permanent marker.

One important thing to note is that if you have fingernail polish on your nails, you should wear a pair of gloves while using fingernail polish remover. Otherwise, your manicure is going to get destroyed.

Are you going to try using fingernail polish remover to clean the white soles on your shoes?