Shoe insoles are a great way to obtain comfort, pain relief and the prevention of foot problems, especially for athletes. They provide cushioning and support to help absorb the shock that makes feet sore. Purchasing these could be an understandable investment, but what if you could make them yourself instead? WikiHow suggests that you may only need thick cardboard or an old yoga mat to create your own insoles. Here is the old yoga/exercise mat method:

  1. Trace a flip flop or shoe of your size onto the smooth side of an old yoga or exercise mat.
  2. Cut out the design.
  3. Flip over what you’ve cut and trace it again onto the smooth side of the mat for the opposite foot. Cut out this insole as well and you’ll have a right and left foot insole.
  4. Trace and cut out four more insoles. You should have five total.
  5. Stack the cutouts, with the textured side up, for each foot.
  6. Using a hot glue gun, glue four of the layers together and press. Go little by little as opposed to trying to glue the whole layer at once.
  7. Leave to dry before you put them in your shoes for use!

For the cardboard insole method, head over to How to Build Shoe Insoles.