Disposable disinfectant wipes are great for quick cleaning jobs, but they can also cost you a good chunk of change. Homemade alternatives, though they require a little more preparation, will save you money and help you avoid harsh chemicals found in most commercial wipes.

There are two methods that Bohemian Revolution has for making wipes. Here they are:

Make Them As You Go:

  • Cut up paper towels to the right size(s) for the job.
  • Store them next to a spray bottle of homemade cleaner. You could use diluted apple cider vinegar, diluted white vinegar, liquid disinfectant, witch hazel, lemon juice or blench mixed with water. Store different solutions in different parts of your home depending on the types of cleaning you do there.
  • Grab the appropriate sized paper towel for the job you’re doing, spray it to saturation with your solution, and get cleaning!

The Pre-Soaking Method

  • Put paper towels into a plastic box that closes airtight.
  • Pour homemade cleaning solution over them until they’re saturated.
  • Close the box and let them soak for at least an hour before using.

Source: Homemade alternatives to disinfectant wipes