Isn’t it annoying when you have a cookout and you’re left with tons of leftover hot dog or hamburger buns? Since they usually come in packages of 8 or 10, it’s really easy to end up with extra. Sure, you could freeze them, but if hot dogs or hamburgers aren’t in your meal plan for a while, you could consider some of these frugal recipe ideas from Mummy Deals:

  • Pizza Pups: all you have to do is warm up a string cheese in the microwave, put it into the hot dog bun with some sauce and you’ve got a quick pizza lunch that kids could take on the go!
  • Garlic Bread: you can use either hot dog or hamburger buns for this. Mummy Deals says these make for better garlic bread than regular bread. Just split then, spread with butter and garlic salt or powder and broil. No need for store-bought garlic bread.

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