In a fair and just world people would be judged for who they are not for what they look like, but that is far from always the case. Even when someone thinks that they are saying something complimentary about someone else, if what they’re saying has to do with judging how that person looks, it may not be taken as a compliment.

Lizzo recently sat down for an interview with David Letterman for his Netflix series “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman.”

Towards the end of the interview, Letterman brought up Lizzo’s body type and mentioned that while nobody really asks him about his body type, she has apparently gotten a lot of comments about her body type. He wanted to know why she thought that was the case and if it bothered her.

It definitely bothers her. Lizzo started by saying, “It bothered me for a long time that all people could talk about or think about was my size. I didn’t like it when people condemned me for it, and it also kinda rubbed me the wrong way when I was praised, like, ‘You’re so brave.’”

Lizzo also mentioned that she has received comments about her body pretty much everywhere she goes including “social media, articles, to my face because they thought that they were complimenting me.”

Lizzo definitely did not take the comments as compliments. She also mentioned that in 2014 when she went on stage in a leotard she received comments about how she was “unapologetic.” These comments confused her because she thought, “What do I have to apologize for?”

The singer thinks that it truly bothers other people that she is so comfortable with the way she looks. She told Letterman, “I’m sick of being an activist just because I’m fat and black. I want to be an activist because I’m intelligent, because I care about issues, because my music is good, because I want to help the world.”


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Lizzo believes that there might be an element of envy or jealousy when people comment about her body type. She said, “I think when people see somebody who is free, they like to label them as an other or they like to label them as an outcast — even if it’s not even a negative outcast.”

No matter what people say about Lizzo’s body type, she’s not letting it get to her. She knows that she’s beautiful, successful and healthy. She added, “Especially the people who hate, that doesn’t really break my heart. Like, I’m fine.”