You might’ve heard of helicopter parents, or a parent who is abnormally overprotective over their kid—you know, who hovers over them like a helicopter. But have you ever heard of lawnmower parents?

What is a lawnmower parent?

If you think a helicopter parent is bad, a lawnmower parent might be even worse. While helicopter parents try to weigh all the possible dangers in a certain situation, lawnmower parents’ involvement begins even before that.

Lawnmower parents actually go through every lengths to make absolutely sure that their kids don’t get themselves into any possible obstacles so that they never have to face failure or hardships.

Now, before we tear down lawnmower parents, know that their intentions are typically good: they just want their kids to live happy, healthy lives. But the problem with lawnmower parents is that they can’t expect to protect their kid from EVERYTHING. Not only can that make things difficult later in life for the child when they don’t know how to take care of themselves, but it can cause unnecessary stress on the parent as well.

Here are 7 ways to tell whether you’re a lawnmower parent:

  1. You practice keeping up with the Joneses

    That hot toy all over TV these days? The new popular pair of sneakers everyone is wearing? A post of the new hot movie? You’re going to make absolute sure your kid is going to be the first to get every single thing, so that they don’t feel left out when other kids get it.

  2. You take over homework assignments

    You don’t just try and help your kid understand their assignments, you likely find yourself taking over and nearly completing them from start to finish. You can’t risk them doing poorly!

  3. Your kid is always right

    They got in a fight with another kid? Obviously it was the other kid who was wrong in the situation. In fact, your kid was SO right that the best option is to never let your kid hang out with that bad kid ever again.

  4. Their teacher knows you well

    That’s because you constantly stay on top of everything they’re doing, even trying to micromanage their decisions on grades for your kid. Are you SURE they only deserved a B on that paper?

  5. You always come to the rescue

    Did your child leave their backpack at home? A textbook? Their homework? Do they simply need a sweater because they might be cold? If you get that text that they need something, no matter what it is, you go through every lengths to get there, even if it means leaving work or driving in traffic.

  6. You’re overly involved in big decisions

    For example, where they go to college is probably a big one. You’ve already given them a list of your top 10. In fact, you probably even already have a template for their first application essay ready to go.

  7. You’re always making excuses for them

    Whether you were told they hit someone else or skipped class, you’re certain that can’t be right. Oh no, not YOUR kid. Whoever is telling you this must be mistaken.

Have you ever heard of a lawnmower parent before? Do you know someone who might fit into this category?