If your laundry room is on the smaller side, you probably know better than anyone the dangers of a tiny laundry room. First and foremost, little laundry rooms are more like to get cluttered and unorganized – and a laundry space that’s cluttered and unorganized is undoubtedly going to be an ineffective space. Washing clothes is a chore that never really ends; we’re usually doing it every week, sometimes every day. So do be stuck doing this constant chore in a cramped, messy space? It sounds like a repeating nightmare, if you ask us. Well, no matter the size of your laundry room, you can use clever hacks to get the most of your space! Check out these 25 ways you can transform your laundry room and learn to love your space.

  1. Laundry Labels

    Laundry LabelsFamily Brings Joy

    The problem when you have a big family is that everyone’s clothes get mixed together. Then it’s not only hard to DO laundry, but folding and separating laundry becomes, well, a chore. Using twine and small pieces of paper or chalkboard, hang labels off some plastic drawers. Label each one with a family member’s initials and designate that drawer THEIR drawer for laundry. Never hear, “Did you put my shirt in your drawer?!” again.

  2. Fold-Out Ironing Board

    Fold Out Ironing BoardAmazon

    As important as ironing boards are in the fight to keep your clothes crisp and professional, they also take up a lot of space. Solve this issue easily with this fold-out ironing board, which you can buy for a very reasonable price on Amazon.

  3. Pull-Out Folding Station

    Folding StationBHG

    Likewise, having a table in your laundry room for folding is just SUCH a waste of space. Install a drawer that’s merely a flat surface, that way you can pull it out for a folding table when you need it, and push it back into the drawers when you don’t.

  4. Stain Removal Print Out

    Laundry Print OutTip Junkie

    We’re obsessed with this print out! This is a handy guide to stains and how to remove them, and it’s just adorable. Print this guide out and frame it for your family; not only is it useful, but it gives a cute touch of decor in an otherwise bland room.

  5. Mesh Sock Bag

    Mesh Sock BagsBetter in Bulk

    Ah, poor socks. They’re destined to be separated from their partners and lost forever. (Too depressing?) Well, no more! Use small mesh bags, which you can get at most dollar stores, to keep socks clean and together.

  6. Iron Counter Top DIY

    Iron CountertopDesign Dishes

    If you’re not interested in having an ironing board in the picture at all, then turn your laundry room counter top into an iron! This DIY makes your counter top a safe surface to iron on, which means you just saved yourself some serious space with this clever DIY.

  7. Washer/Dryer Drawers

    Washer Dryer on DrawersButtercup Bungalow

    Need some storage for your laundry tools – detergent, fabric softener, and the like? Well, prop your washer and dryer on some drawers to hold everything you need! This saves space and guarantees that nothing is lost. (Also, are you as in love with this wall paper as we are?)

  8. Window Blind Dryer

    Window Blind DryersBHG

    Is it summertime? Do you live in an area that is forever hot and humid? Use that weather to your advantage with this blind dryer system! By clipping small items of clothing to your blinds, you can use the natural heat of the sun to dry your clothes. It doesn’t get more au naturale than that.

  9. Retractable Clothing Line

    Retractable Clothes LineJust About Home

    Looking for a more traditional way to dry? Set up this indoor, retractable clothing line. Save energy and time by hanging some delicate clothing up to dry, then retract the line back into the wall when everything is done.

  10. Sliding Door

    Laundry Room Sliding DoorInteriors by Studio M

    No laundry room to speak of? Is it more like a laundry closet? Well, instantly isolate your space and create your own laundry room with a clever sliding door! They’re shockingly easy to install and look exceptionally trendy, too.

  11. Laundry Room Bench

    Laundry Room Drawer BenchLil' Huckleberries

    If you like to sit and wait out the laundry, then you’ll need a space to chill. We highly suggest this bench space for your laundry camp-out; it also helps when said bench has drawers for storage and hooks to keep coats organized.

  12. Hanger Rack

    Hanger RackI Heart Organizing

    This is a simple DIY to keep your hangers on hand! Don’t throw your prized work blazer in with the other folded clothes – use your hangers, right nearby, to keep your nice clothes neat and unwrinkled.

  13. Crib Hanging Dryer

    Crib Drying RackA Diamond in the Stuff

    Old crib just hanging around the basement? Repurpose it by taking out the flat spring inside and hanging it from your laundry room ceiling. This will act as a rustic, unique way to hang and dry your clothes.

  14. Accordion Dryer

    Accordian Drying RackApartment Therapy

    This is another great option for a drying system that you can pull out when you need and then put away when you don’t! You can buy this wall-mounted accordion dryer and install it easily in your laundry room for a cute and space-saving drying option.

  15. Clothes Separating System

    Basket Sorting SystemIndulgy

    Another thing that becomes a source of clutter is trying to organize all different types of clothes. An easy fix? Buy some cheap laundry baskets and label each one; darks, lights, towels, kid’s clothes, ect. This will be your saving grace for keeping like clothes together and uncluttered.

  16. Crate Container Shelf

    Plastic Crate OrganizerMousie Moms

    Installing shelves or cubes can be an expensive endeavor. Something that looks unique but costs next to nothing? Drilling plastic crates onto the wall to store all your laundry essentials – and feel free to spray paint those crates any fun color you want.

  17. Lost Sock Wall Clip

    REAL Sock Wall HangerEtsy

    We LOVE this idea! Need a fun way to keep single socks separated until you find their match? A cute, hanging “lost sock” wall, where you can display your socks in style.

  18. Washer/Dryer Pedestal

    Washer Dryer PedestalAddicted 2 DIY

    If you’re having a hard time finding a set of drawers that can hold up under the weight of your hefty appliances, go for a bulky pedestal instead! You can still use the space of the pedestal to organize your laundry tools without taking up excess space.

  19. Install a Dryerbox

    Dryer BoxWell Groomed Home

    A dryerbox is a clever way to keep your vent pipe from getting crushed behind your dryer. Even better, this box allows your dryer to be pushed up closer to the wall, giving you more space.

  20. Chalkboard Cabinets

    Chalkboard CabinetBryn Alexandra

    There’s a lot to know with laundry! Some things can’t be dried, some need to be washed with like colors…you get the drift. Keep notes to yourself (and, naturally, your family) by painting your cabinet with chalkboard paint! It will look adorable and keep the lines of communication open.

  21. Lint Bucket

    Lint BinPolished Habitat

    Lint can be surprisingly dangerous; it has been known, if not frequently cleaned out of your dryer, to cause house fires. To remind everyone that the lint screen needs to be cleaned and disposed of, mount this little lint bucket to the wall.

  22. Laundry Room Pegboard

    Laundry Room Pegboard WallThe DIY Mommy

    A great, trendy way to keep everything organized in ANY room is to use a pegboard. You can buy a wall’s length of this pegboard to hang in your laundry room; this will allow you to utilize your vertical space to hang anything you’ll need for laundry and more.

  23. Storage Cubes

    Storage Cubes FI 2Six2Eleven

    A great, inexpensive way to get uncluttered organization is with storage cubes! You can purchase these for cheap at many hardware stores and dollar stores, and then easily stack them however you need to enhance the configuration of your laundry room.

  24. Wire Shelf Storage

    Laundry Space EditedDecorating Your Small Space

    For literal laundry room closets, you can still use little tricks to make space out of thin air. Turn a wire shelf upside down above your washer and dryer and use the lip of the shelf to keep laundry baskets in place.

  25. Pull-Out Drying Rack

    Laundry Room HacksCentsational Girl

    This drying rack is a great alternative to a stand-up rack taking up precious space. It pulls down from to dry delicate clothing items, and then pushes flat into the wall when you’re done.

Have you transformed your tiny laundry room in any clever ways? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.