The last few months have been a blur for everyone. No one has had it easy. Whether you’ve lost a loved one due to COVID-19, have had to work from home with your kids hanging on you, or had to file for unemployment, it’s truly been a rough ride.

However, one of the occupations that really got hit hard were teachers. When you sign up to be an educator, you don’t imagine that you’ll be Zooming in your students from your couch as you try to keep their attention teaching them trigonometry. While working remotely is great for some types of careers, like those who work on a computer all day, teaching requires much more in-person interaction.

With the new school year fast approaching, teachers have been left wondering how this year will play out. Many teachers don’t even know yet whether they’ll be going back to their classrooms (with precautions place) or continuing to teach from home. Either way, they’ve got a lot of tough moments ahead of them, to say the least.

Well, what better way to make a teacher smile than with a delicious donut and coffee to wash it down?

To acknowledge all that they do, Krispy Kreme will be giving free donuts and coffee to teachers from August 10-14, 2020 as part of their “Educator Appreciation Week.” Just show your employee badge at eligible Krispy Kremes and you’ll be eligible for one free original glazed donut and a regular-sized drip coffee.

That’s not all. The joint has deemed August 11 “Straight A Tuesday” in which they will give away a “Straight A Dozen” of donuts for every pick-up, drive-thru or delivery order. You’ll get three signature Straight A doughnuts, a cream-filled delight covered in chocolate icing and sprinkles, plus nine original glazed donuts. The idea is to say thank-you to a teacher you appreciate with the extra love.

“Education is going to be very different this school year and more challenging and important than ever,” stated Dave Skena, Krispy Kreme’s chief marketing officer. “From teachers and tutors to parents and coaches, we want to thank everyone who is helping our kids to keep learning in these tough times no matter where the ‘classroom’ is.”

To hear more about the Krispy Kreme deals, check out the video below!

What a nice (and delicious!) thing to do for teachers. How will you say thank you to a teacher during this quarantine? If you’re a teacher, how do you feel about the upcoming school year?