Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to open a bottle and you didn’t have a bottle opener handy? It’s pretty annoying having a beverage right in front of you and not being able to open it when you’re thirsty.

There are multiple ways to open a bottle without a bottle opener, but how you open it depends on what type of bottle you’re trying to open. For example, if you have a wine bottle but no corkscrew, you could try opening it with a blow torch, a hammer or even a shoe.

What if you’re trying to open a beer bottle? You can still open these types of bottles with your shoe, but the technique is quite different than if you’re trying to open a wine bottle. The beer bottle technique involves kicking the bottle.

TikTok user Emily Zeck, also known as, thatpineapplegirl, shared a video that shows just how easy it really is to open a beer bottle by kicking it. Before you watch her video, you might want to grab a bottle (two, actually) to try it out yourself. 

First, to open the bottle, you need to hold two bottles together with the cap of one bottle just under the cap of the other bottle. This is important. It’s also important to hold onto the bottles tightly and not to kick them very hard. Watch the video below to see an example of the perfect bottle kicking technique.

@thatpineapplegirlHere’s a tutorial on how to properly do the bottle-opening trick ##fyp ##bottlecapchallenge ##lifehack ##levelup♬ original sound – thatpineapplegirl

Many viewers are impressed with this clever beer bottle opening technique. One comment reads, “Idk why but I think this is the smoothest way to open a beer.” 

Another viewer wrote, “The content we didn’t ask for but the content we need right now 🙏”

Some viewers have pointed out that the specific beer she used in the video was Corona. Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, which is caused by the novel coronavirus, it’s quite appropriate. 

One viewer wanted to know, “How do you open the other one?” 

This is a valid question with a perfectly obvious answer. Zeck replied to this comment explaining, “You gotta get a third one outta the fridge to get the work done.”

Are you going to try this bottle opening hack the next time you open a bottle of beer?