Most people consider Hollywood actors and actresses pretty snobby. While most of us don’t know George Clooney and Jennifer Aniston personally to back up that claim, almost any star in the public eye is going to get talked about negatively in the press every now and again. And once there’s a bad rumor about you going around…well, people like to talk.

It also seems to be an assumption that because stars live such a luxe lifestyle, they’re prone to a pretentious attitude. In a lot of cases, I would bet that’s true – but it’s nice to be reminded that not all famous people think that way!

Keanu Reeves, who is best known for his starring role in the Matrix movie series, is definitely one of those polite reminders that stars are people, too, and not all of them are just mean, glamorous robots. This video is shared with us by LittleThings, but it was taken by a bystander who happened to be on the same subway and recognized Keanu.

While on the subway in New York City, Keanu is sitting alone, minding his own business. He’s dressed very normally, maybe looking around a little to see if anyone is staring, but otherwise, he looks calm and weirdly normal.

The subway makes a stop and there’s a shuffle of people getting on and off. When the doors close and the subway begins to move again, there’s a woman standing next to Keanu, holding a duffel bag. He glances up at her and then does a double-take, realizing that she doesn’t have a seat. Quietly, he gets her attention and asks if she would like to sit, which she nervously accepts. She takes his seat and he gets up to stand by a pole in the subway car, almost right in front of the fan who is taping him.

It’s so cute, he almost has a little smile on his face; whether it’s because he knows he’s being filmed or because he knows he did a good deed is beyond us, but it’s still freaking adorable. What a gentleman.

Guess it’s safe to say that, as far as movie stars go, Keanu Reeves is definitely in the “actually a nice guy” category.

Seriously, does anybody offer up their seat anymore? I’m not sure if a seat on a subway or otherwise has been offered up to me. In fact, I’m not sure if I’VE ever offered up my seat to someone before. (I’d like to say I have in the past, but who can say for sure.) After seeing this, I’m sure we’ll all make a conscious effort to be a little more kind to one another – because, let’s face it, if Neo can be genuinely sweet and give up his subways seat, so can we.