I needed to purchase a couple of icons at istockphoto.com. I had never used the website before. You have to purchase “credits”, which then are used to buy images, photos, icons, etc. I needed 20 credits (10 credits per batch of icons). 10 credits costs $14, so my total spend was going to be $28. I did a quick search on Google using “istockphoto coupon code” and the first few listings had information about coupon codes. I found a code (“STOCKLAYOUTS”) for 20% off $25 or more on youdesignit.blogspot.com. It was a great find, as it saved me $5.60, bringing my total cost to $22.40. Not a bad deal!

I suggest always looking for coupon codes before making a purchase, even if you don’t think you’ll find one. I didn’t think I’d have any luck with my Google search, but it worked out and I’m glad I took the extra couple of minutes to find a valid code.