Dr Kimberley Nix joined TikTok back in 2021 with the mission of raising “awareness about sarcoma cancer.” The mission was very important to her not just as a doctor but especially as a cancer patient who was dying from sarcoma cancer.

Dr. Nix documented her cancer journey on both TikTok and Instagram. She shared videos about her cancer battle as well as the good days along the way.

Sadly, after three years, Dr. Nix lost her battle with cancer. She passed away on May 8, 2024. She was only 31 years old.


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Before her death, Dr. Nix prerecorded a video message that she wanted to share with her followers after she had died. She begins the video by saying, “Hello followers. If you are seeing this message, I have passed away peacefully.”

In the video, she encouraged people who are just now finding her page to check out her past videos “about death and dying.” She also suggested that her followers also follow her husband, Michael MacIsaac. She said, “He’s pretty cool. I like him a lot.” No longer able to hold back her emotions, she added, “He’s the love of my life. It’s the most beautiful love.” Through tears, she explained, “My only sadness in dying is knowing that we didn’t get to grow old together.”

Besides her husband, Dr. Nix shared that she also loves makeup and pets. She then proceeded to do a get ready with me video while she talked more about her battle with cancer and the things she is most grateful for such as checking off items on her bucket list as well as “friends and family and beautiful moments with all of you,” referring to her followers.


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Dr. Nix also suggested that if her followers what to “do something in my honor” they either donate to sarcoma research through the link in her bio or “sponsor a resident’s tuition for a master’s training program” in her her field of study which was high blood pressure disorders in pregnancy.

She ended her video by calling her tears “happy tears,” and she explained that the tears were “because you’ve all made me find so much purpose in the end of my life, and I can’t thank you enough for that.”

You can watch her final TikTok in the video below.

@cancerpatientmd My journey here is over and i cant thank each and every one of you enough! You have all made me so happy and your comments and support are more than enough to have gotten anyone thriugh anything! If you wish, Please donate through my link in bio to sarcoma cancer research and follow my husband in his updates @LightestCheese 💕 #death #dying #palliative #sarcoma #undifferentiatedpleomorphicsarcoma #cancer #cancerpatient #md #resident #medschool ♬ original sound – Cancer Patient, MD

In April, Dr. Nix talked to PEOPLE about her cancer battle. She explained that she was diagnosed with undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma. She shared that all of her tests were normal “except for a small, but rapidly growing lump in my left leg.” She added, “Mine changed rapidly, which led me to see my doctor right away. It went from the size of a pea to the size of a golf ball in just over a week.” To treat her cancer, she took a chemotherapy pill every day.