True wealth is often different than the illusion of wealth. As adults, we might know what things cost and why we choose to spend our money on some things instead of other things. For kids, there are certain items that equal wealth, and they aren’t always things that are super expensive.

Perhaps you can relate to this idea. When you were a kid was there anything that the “rich” kids had that indicated that they were rich? Maybe it was something at their house. Maybe it was something they wore. Maybe you were considered a rich kid and there was something you had that you thought meant you were wealthy.

Sometimes kids end up setting life goals to own certain things because they think owning those items means you have made it in life. Some of these items might in fact be luxury items, but others really aren’t. It’s certainly interesting to see the world through the eyes of a child.

Twitter user @cpoliticditto shared what he thought wealth looked like when he was a kid and asked his followers to comment with items they thought indicated wealth when they were kids.

The responses to this tweet are funny yet relatable. Scroll down for our favorites.

  1. Fancy Furniture

  2.  Vacation and Summer Camp

  3.  Soap

  4.  Baloney

  5.  Being White

  6.  Your Father

  7.  Stairs

  8.  A House

  9. Gas

  10.  Orange Juice

  11.  A Clean House

  12.  Bedroom

  13.  Video Games

  14.  Multiple Bathrooms

  15. TVs