When you have a newborn baby in the house, you have to get used to a lot of new things. You need to adjust to waking up at crazy hours of the night, swimming in diapers, and wearing baby food about 90% of the time. And, of course, you have to prepare yourself for the crying. The loud, endless, piercing crying. You might think after a few months that you would be sick of the screaming, but you’re nowhere near as annoyed as this little dog is. He’s living in a house with a baby, and he is sick of the crying.

At least this dog has a plan. He’s figured out that when the baby starts to cry, there is a way to stop the screaming: howling.

It doesn’t sound very effective, stopping a baby from crying with a dog howling – but this pup knows what he’s doing! Every time the baby begins to cry, this cute little dog throws back his head and howls. Almost immediately, the baby stops crying!

We’re not sure if the baby is annoyed, confused, or amused by the dog. There is one particular part where it seems that he’s very irritated with the howling, like the puppy is stealing his moment. But then there are other moments where it seems clear that the baby loves the sound of the dog barking, and he’s distracted from whatever’s making him cry.

Baby stops crying at dog's howling.WaioliCoCo
This dog sure knows how to keep a baby entertained! And he doesn’t just do it once or twice, he does it every time the baby begins to cry; he immediately knows what he has to do.

We love how every time plays out the same. The baby is crying and the dog looks sweetly into the camera as if to ask if he should get to work. He’ll start to howl, which will calm the baby instantly, leaving the little boy to stare at the dog – who is staring right back at him, probably hoping he won’t start to cry again. But, of course, after a few quiet seconds, the baby remembers what was wrong and DOES start to cry again…and the cycle starts over again.

Finally, by the end of the video, the dog has just about had enough. He knows when to quit and he’s stopped the baby from crying already about three times. He’s just about to walk out of the camera frame when he tries howling one more time, which of course quiets the baby, before leaving the noisy area.

It seems hopeful, like maybe the baby is done crying after this final time! But, as anyone who has a baby can confirm, the baby is never really done crying. It will always happen again, whether it’s later in the hour or the day!

Luckily, these parents have this clever little dog to help them out when things are getting overwhelming! This pup obviously knows how things run around the house and how to do his part to help. So cute.

What do you think of this dog? Do you think he wanted attention or do you think he was trying to quiet the baby? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.