Did you think that ceiling fans were only helpful in cooling us down during the summer? So did I, until I read this article from Wired. Ceiling fans don’t actually cool down a room but rather circulate air to create a breeze, or the sensation of “windchill.” The air blows down on you, making it feel cooler.

In the winter, you can get the reverse effect by switching the way the ceiling fan blows. Instead of having the blades turn so that the fan blows down, you want the fan to draw the air upward. All you have to do to achieve this effect is to flip a switch that should be located near the pull chain. This will make the fan blades spin in the opposite direction and bring warm air down from the ceiling, circulating heat around the room.

Who knew that all ceiling fan owners needed to do was flip a switch to help warm yourself up in the winter?

Confused about how/why this works? Take a look at the “Ceiling Fan Direction in Winter” portion of CeilingFan.org.