If you’re looking for ways to update your deck or outdoor area, new patio furniture may not be in your budget. That’s not a big deal if you have preexisting patio furniture that just needs a touch up or a makeover. Here are some great ideas from Apartment Therapy about how to make that old patio furniture look good as new in time for summer.

  1. Clean it: patio furniture is exposed to all sorts of weather, so using a deep cleaning product like Biowash or Oxyclean (or a homemade product, of course) can bring dull or dirty plastic furniture back to life.
  2. Buff it with steel wool: if you have unpainted metal furniture, scrub it with some steel wool to remove rust and bring out some shine.
  3. Spraypaint it: cheap spraypaint can do wonders for metal or wooden furniture. There is also a special kind of spraypaint you can buy for plastic furniture if need be.
  4. Take it to an auto body shop: a professional auto paint job can also work well on patio furniture. They will be able to give it a high gloss finish. Just call ahead to make sure your shop services furniture.
  5. Add new fabric or cushions: this is an inexpensive way to make patio furniture look completely different. Use oilcloth or a tablecloth to cover an old table, or add new cushions to an old chair.

Source: 5 Ways to Update Old Patio Furniture