How to Stop Car Windows from Fogging Up

Foggy car windows are an annoying thing that most of us have to deal with in the winter. It happens to all of us — after just a few minutes into driving, you suddenly can’t see straight! Suddenly, you’re scrambling to hit just the right button or knob to get your line of sight back. This isn’t just annoying, it’s also dangerous when you’re on the road.

But with this one simple trick, courtesy of Dave Hax, you should be able to make foggy windows a thing of the past. All you need are an old pair of socks and some cat litter (yes, you read that correctly). Here’s how it works:

How to Stop Foggy Windows


  • Sock
  • Roll of tape
  • Cat litter


  1. Select an old or single sock to use.
  2. Put your roll of tape at the top of the sock and roll the fabric down over it, so that it forces the sock to stay open.
  3. Once your have a clear opening, start to fill your sock with cat litter. You want to fill it to about the ankle of your sock.
  4. When the sock is filled, remove the roll of tape. Tuck the opening of the sock inside itself so that it will stay closed and keep the cat litter inside.
  5. Put the cat litter in your car and watch your steamy windows disappear!

Seems like magic, doesn’t it? The reason this works so well is because cat litter is designed to soak up moisture in the air (really, it’s meant to do this in a litter box, but that’s a technicality.) It will do this job very well in your steamy car, pulling the moisture out of the air so that your windows will stay crystal clear.

You can use any brand of cat litter you’d like or any type of clothing item to contain the litter; we suggest using fabric because it will allow the litter to breathe and properly do its job. While you could you an old shirt or something of the like, socks are just extraordinarily convenient for this job because of their shape.

Once your little litter bomb is created, feel free to put it anywhere in your car! It will do its job from just about anywhere. If you’re not going anywhere in the near future, try putting the parcel on your dash or on your car seat to give the litter the most exposure.

Your turn to carpool? Stash the kitty litter sock under a seat; it will still be able to pull the moisture out of the air while being much more discreet.

What do you think of this brilliant hack? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.