Quick question: how old is your house? If you live in one with a lot of history, chances are there’s some old hardware hanging around— we’re talking door hinges, doorknobs, light-switch covers and more! Even if they’re covered in layers of paint and rust from years of remodels and different owners, you can still rediscover their past shining glory with some simple steps and things you already have around the house. Weekend Workbench shows us the easy method.

You’ll Need

– Dish soap and/or baking soda
– Pot
– Burner or crockpot
– Plastic putty knife
– Cleaning brush
– Steel wool
– Gloves
– Clear lacquer spray

That’s it! As you saw, the method basically consists of soaking your hardware in boiling water, then scraping and scrubbing away the paint and rust. Repeat and repeat again until it looks good as new, then wipe it down with steel wool and spray with the clear lacquer spray for long-lasting shine. It’s time-consuming, sure, but totally worth it! Be sure to watch for even more tips and tricks. Have you ever restored an old home or antique hardware before? Do you have any tips of your own to share?