Whether you’ve found a great piece of furniture with a few imperfections at a thrift store or you’ve inherited some furniture that could use a touch up, these tips from Re-Nest could come in handy. Learn how you can recolor your furniture to keep it looking like new on the cheap:

  • Wood Stains: if you can find a stain that closely matches the piece’s original color, apply a tiny amount to area with an artist’s brush or a cotton swab and blot away excess.
  • Wax Sticks: get the one that best matches your furniture piece from the hardware store. Gently rub it over the blemish and buff gently. If the color is too dark, partially remove wax with mineral spirits until you get a matching color.
  • Felt Tip Touch-Up Pens: these look like magic markers and can be found in any paint store. Just match the pen color to the piece and color in the spot. Finish off with polish and you should be good to go!

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