The coconut has so much to offer! On the inside, it’s got sweet, delicious meat and milk that is yummy on it’s own but even yummier in coconut milks, oils, and baking. But the ultimate challenge to getting to all that goodness is breaking through the shell. A true foodie challenge. But don’t let that daunting shell stop you from enjoying coconut any longer! Here is a fool-proof hack to break open a coconut.

– A large, sharpened knife

The technique is super simple! Take your knife (make sure there’s no curve to the knife, it has to be straight across) and CAREFULLY hit it along the whole width of the coconut, one side at a time.

Do this around the coconut several times until it starts to loosen. Then, with a bowl underneath to catch the juices, pry the nut open with your hands.

So simple!