Ever had a great piece of pie, or a brownie, or a nice cup of hot chocolate that was just begging to be topped off with fresh whip cream? Here’s a little tip for making the best whip cream around and have fun while doing it. Check out the video below to see how simple it is:

If you can’t get the video to work you simply take heavy whipping cream and put it in a jar. I used an old jam jar but you can use a mason jar or similar container. Just shake for 3 minutes and you’ll hear the sloshing sound of the cream slowly die down and you’ll be left with rich whipped cream. I have used this trick on two occasions and it never fails to put a smile on my friends and families faces. You can also create flavored whip cream by adding different extracts to the cream in the jar such as Vanilla, Banana or even coconut.

Have you ever made whipped cream this way? Would you give it a try? Tell us in the comments.