How to Make a Surprise Rainbow Checkerboard Cake

This super fun recipe definitely takes some time to put together, but for a special occasion, like a surprise birthday party, we’re thinking this is totally worth it. Just imagine someone cutting into this massive cake and finding the checkerboard rainbow within. This may just be one of the most brilliant and exciting rainbow desserts we’ve ever seen. My Cupcake Addiction shows us how this cool cake is made:

And here’s what you need to make your own rainbow checkerboard cake!

-Double batch of buttercream frosting
-Double batch vanilla or white cake mix
-Food coloring – (My Cupcake Addiction used: Americolour electric orange, electric yellow, electric purple, tulip red, mint green and electric blue)
-2 spoons
-Butter knife
-Serrated/bread knife
-Offset spatula
-12″ cake board
-6″ cake tin (use several of these to bake layers all at once or in 2 batches)
-1 x 3.3/4″ (9.2cm) circle cutter
-1 x 1.7/8″ (4.7cm) circle cutter