This beautiful cake is the perfect surprise for your loved ones. On the outside, it looks like just an ordinary chocolate cake. But inside, it holds a sweet little secret that will make your Valentine’s heart flutter!

Without using any special molds or ingredients, you can create a chocolate cake that isn’t just gooey and delicious, but has a fun surprise inside. Your sweetheart will be expecting a chocolaty slice of cake, but they won’t be expecting the cute little design inside.

This method can be used for pretty much any surprise-inside image, but because it’s Valentines Day, little red hearts definitely make the most sense! Whether you’re baking for your friends, family, or your significant other, they’re going to love getting a slice of this cake with decorative little hearts inside.

You’re probably imaging that this must be a difficult task, getting little edible, red hearts inside of a chocolate cake. But we promise, it’s not nearly as difficult as you might be imagining.

The trick is baking two different cakes; one chocolate cake and one vanilla cake, dyed red. Feel free to dye your hearts any color you’d like; pink, purple, blue, or whatever color your sweetheart loves. Next you’ll be using cutouts to get the small hearts we’re looking for, this way you can get just the soft, spongy parts of the cake.

We know what you’re thinking: if you’re just taking two small pieces of cake from each slice, that’s going to be a lot of leftovers, right? You definitely don’t want to waste an entire cake but you also might not want to eat all the scraps yourself. Talk about a stomach ache.

Don’t fret! We have the perfect recipe to use those leftover pieces of cake AND make another sweet treat for Valentines Day. You and your date are going to love these edible rose cake pops.

What do you think of this surprise heart cake? Share your thoughts on this sweet treat for your sweetheart in the comments section below.