Here’s How to Get a Reading with Theresa Caputo and How Much It Costs

If you’ve ever lost a loved one, we feel for you. We know you’re probably thinking you’d do anything to be able to communicate with that person again. But what if we told you there was a way?

All right, so you probably have already heard of mediums, who are able to speak to the departed. And there’s one in particular who’s just plain great at it: Theresa Caputo, better known as the Long Island Medium. She has a gift that she’s able to talk to the deceased and bring positive messages to help their loved ones move forward.

If you’ve ever watched her show, appropriately called “Long Island Medium,” then you know what a tear jerker it is—hundreds of people who’ve lost loved ones near and dear to them, only to be brought to tears when Theresa asks them about the significance of certain dates, objects, etc.—always related to the loved one they’re trying to reach. It’s extremely heartwarming (and amazing) to watch.

You’ve probably wondered how these people are able to get on the show—or get an appointment with her at all. She’s one of the most well-known mediums in the world, so as you’d imagine, she books up pretty fast. While it’s tough to get an appointment for a private reading with her, is possible—here’s how.

The only way to book a reading with Theresa is to sign up on her website here.

As you’ll see, there’s a disclaimer saying that Theresa was booked for two years before the show first aired (which was back in 2011), and, in addition, she also had a very extended waiting list.

While the site doesn’t say how long her wait is now, if it was that long in 2011, we can only imagine how many years one would have to wait for a reading. That being said, while signing up won’t guarantee you a reading, it certainly won’t hurt and will put you that much closer to hearing from your loved one again.

We do have some good news. If you’re a little disappointed with how long a reading with Theresa could take, there’s hope. If you’re comfortable being on TV, then you might be able to get a reading even sooner.

Those who indicate in the form that they’re comfortable filming on her show often get to meet Theresa before those who are only willing to engage in a private reading in the comfort of their own home. Of course, if you get a reading on TV, your emotions will be out there for the world to see. But hey, we’d totally do it if that meant we didn’t have to wait years to meet her!

As for the price, there’s more good news. We were pretty surprised to learn that readings with Theresa only cost $50-$175 each—at least that’s what Theresa stated back in 2014. Whether they’ve increased is another story, but it certainly sounds promising. In addition, every penny of that money is donated to charities like The Stonybrook Foundation and Meals on Wheels. So it’s pretty much a win-win!

What do you think—will you sign up for a reading with Theresa Caputo? Do you know anyone who’s ever met her or seen a medium before? We’d love to hear about the experience!