How To Create The Perfect Tablescape For Any Occasion

By Jennifer Lutz

Tablescapes set the mood in every event – whether it’s a garden wedding, an intimate dinner party, or Sunday brunch with friends. One of your tasks as the host is to make sure that the table arrangements go seamlessly with the party’s overall theme. In this post, we share tips on how to create beautiful tablescapes, as well as centerpiece ideas.

Layer, Layer, Layer

Like any great design, layering elements is the key to an attractive tablescape. Think of it as a cityscape – the varying heights add visual interest to the scene. Use assorted sizes, shapes, and textures to add depth and dimension to your arrangement. The tallest piece should be your focal point and this can be anything from a vase of flowers to mini terrariums in an apothecary jar.

Draw Inspiration from the Season








Consider the time of the year when planning your design essentials, such as color palettes and seasonal accents. Bright, colorful hues are best for spring and summer, while neutral tones look great during fall and winter. This also applies to availability of materials. Pumpkins, for instance, are great for fall-themed events but look off in summer. Not to mention they’d be difficult to find and expensive to purchase when not in season.

Utilize the Materials You Have at Home

Ideally, you don’t want to spend too much on a tablescape especially if there are many tables to decorate. Keep decorating basics on hand-mason jars, votives, bud vases, glass hurricanes, and burlap. These are items that you only need to purchase once and then re-use for future events.

Create an Interesting Centerpiece









The centerpiece is the most important part of your tablescape. Be it simple or elaborate, it should be consistent with the theme and color palette of the entire event. You also have to ensure that it won’t keep your guests from seeing each other across the table.

If you’re going with a floral centerpiece, make it more interesting by using unusual containers for flowers like wine bottles, ice buckets, or dainty tea pots. For non-flower arrangements, you can use a tray filled with various elements. Below are some easy centerpiece ideas that you can use for any occasion.

Mason Jar and Lantern







Choose flowers in the event’s concept colors and place them in a mason jar with water. As for the lantern, place a single white candle inside and small wood chips to add a rustic touch to your table setting. Once the sun sets, light up the candle for accent lighting.

Burlap and Twine









Find an old bottle and cover it in twine using a hot glue gun. Once completely dry, glue a flower on the bottle to give it some color. Next, wrap two inches of burlap around a mason jar and add a strip of white ribbon or lace on top as an accent. Fill the jar with water and arrange your flowers. You can set these on top of a burlap placemat or wood stump.

Fruits and Vegetables









A centerpiece doesn’t always have to be flowers. You can use in-season fruits or vegetables and arrange them in a decorative bowl or a large glass vase with water. Play around with shapes and textures to see which ones look good together.








The best thing about candles is that they come in a variety of sizes and colors. For a fun, upbeat party, use candles that match the color of your theme. For formal events, white candles in clear jars make for elegant focal points.

Bird Cage









Scour thrift stores, flea markets, and yard sales for inexpensive decorative birdcages. Simply fill the cage with flowers and set it on the buffet table. For dining tables, smaller cages with candles or berries will suffice.

One of the things I’ve learned in my ten years as an events stylist and wedding consultant, is that the best tablescapes are the ones that look professional, yet personal. With these tips, you’ll be creating stunning tablescapes like a pro.

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