Found this great article in the NYTimes about dishwashers, washers, and how much soap is too much soap. Totally worth reading if you wonder if you’re loading the dishwasher correctly.

New York Times columunist, Alina Tugend, investigates questions that have haunted her (and me!):

How much soap should I put in my washing machine and dishwasher?

Do I need to do more for my dryer than clean that little pull-out lint catcher?

Should I rinse my dishes before putting them in the dishwasher?

She found that most people use way too much soap than necessary which ends up costing money in the short run (buying more soap) and the long run (damaging the machines and shortening the life of your clothing.)

She interviewed Vernon Schmidt, a 35 year veteran repairman, who said that: “Most people use 10 to 15 times the amount of soap they need, and they’re pouring money down the drain,” and recommends using “one-eighth to one-half of what is usually recommended” on the detergent bottle/box depending on the hardness/softness of your water – use less if you have soft soap.

The verdict: less is more!

To find out how much detergent you should be using and for other tips on how to save when you wash, read the article in full:
For the Dishwasher’s Sake, Go Easy on the Detergent