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Have you noticed how much different a room looks when you add the flicker of candle light? Candles make all the difference, don’t they? And they’re cheap too! I like to use candles in my centerpieces at every dinner party and family get together, and of course weddings just wouldn’t be the same without the ambiance that candles bring. But you can’t just stop at candles–you’ve got to make decorative candle holders to go with them! I just put together a list of some cool (and better yet, cheap!) candle holder projects. Check out 19 Cheap Votive Candle Holders. Here are my faves:

These Mercury Glass Candle Holders from Mark Montano are made from odds and ends from a thrift store. I love thrift store crafts! And the finished result is gorgeous:

Another fun way to show off candles is by hanging them up! These Under the Sea Hanging Votive Holders are made out of jars and can lend a nautical vibe to your party:

You can see the rest of my candle holder picks in my article, 19 Cheap Votive Candle Holders. And here are some cute, cheap votive candle holders I found online.

Martha Stewart strikes again! Why is it that everything on Martha’s website is absolutely fabulous? Just check out these lacy votive holders–you’ll be surprised at how they’re made!

These Shabby Chic Rose Votives are made with rose petals from the dollar store–the same petals I used in my petal skirt, in fact!

Check out this post to find not one, not two, but three patterns for crochet jar cozies to use as candle holders. These would make such a great handmade touch at a wedding.

Which one is your favorite? Do you know of any other candle holder projects you’d like to share? Don’t miss 19 Cheap Votive Candle Holders!