There’s been a lot of talk about whether or not the world is going to get to experience summer like we used to—you know, things like going on trips to the beach, having swims in the pool, to getting to go strawberry picking. Will coronavirus destroy our hopes and dreams?

That’s still to be determined—but let’s focus on something different for a change, like the weather! Experts are predicting that the summer of 2020 will be hotter than average for most.

It won’t start off that way, however. Summer officially begins on June 20, 2020, and most regions may actually see a few storms. But as July starts, that’s when you’ll want to break out your bathing suits, as we’re expected to see temperatures well above the normal ones predicted for this time of year.

Additionally, while most of the United States will have a normal amount of rain and precipitation, the West Coast is predicted be a bit drier this season. That said, the southern Plains and the Gulf Coast through Florida may experience wetter-than-usual weather, with a possible hurricane to occur in June.

Besides the hurricane, the warmer weather might be welcoming to most, since we’ve all been cooped up inside since March. However, the hotter weather can actually cause some not-so-fun effects, especially since we’ll all probably still have to be wearing masks (which are already hot!), so it’s good to be prepared.

In the video below, learn why the World Health Organization said high temperatures this summer may be dangerous, especially to vulnerable populations, especially the elderly, infants, people who work outdoors and the chronically ill.

Are you excited or nervous for a hotter than usual summer, especially in light of the continuing coronavirus pandemic? What kinds of activities are topping your summer to-do list this season?